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DBM Blog on The Mimic Theatre (view)
DBM Blog on Murdon & Waldini (view)
DBM Blog on The Little Black Book, The Point System and St. Genesius (view)
DBM Blog on Stalag 17 (view)
DBM Blog on A Pole In The Middle of Stage One (view
DBM Blog on Mask & Bauble's Move to Trinity Theatre (view)
DBM Blog on Mask & Bauble at The White House (view)
DBM Blog on Concentration Camp (view)
DBM Blog on Senior Prom (view)
DBM Blog on Helen Hayes (view)
DBM Blog on Psychodrama at St. Elizabeth's Hospital (view)
DBM Blog on The National Theatre (view)
DBM Blog on Negative Gravity & A New DC Theatre Group (view)

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Donn B. Murphy (born 1930) biography (View)

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Donn B. Murphy (born 1930) taught theatre and speech courses at Georgetown University from 1954 to 2000. At the invitation of Jacqueline Kennedy and Letitia Baldrige, he became a theatrical advisor to the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Administrations for White House dramatic and music presentations in the East Room (1961–1965). He was a founding member of the National Theatre Corporation (1974) and is President and Executive Director of the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. (Read More)...

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